Welcome to Uncle Alfred’s Men’s Group

Alfred Smallwood is an Indigenous elder in Townsville and is heavily involved with helping children and adults to stay out of trouble in the justice system.

He voluntarily runs his own Men's Group every Tuesday eveninng, where he encourages troubled, "lost warriors" to think about the path they have walked down so far and the consequences bad decisions have caused. He asks them to re-evaluate themselves and uses emotional methods to help the men regain the 'spear' in the family.

The Men's Group is highly popular and successful, with Uncle Alfred single-handedly helping men to stay out of jail through his spiritual teachings.

He is determined to deter his people from prison and to become strong warriors again, using his rebellious and unhealthy past as motivation.


Alfred Smallwood

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What we do


Unle Alfred's Men’s Group encourage friendship and mentoring, to use Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Bushcraft to express their experiences that lead to their healing/rehabilitation.


The community room is always open for a cuppa and chat during the week and the art/craft programs.
We meet every Tuesday evening, 7-9pm. You’re welcome to come and join us.

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