Alfred Smallwood is a Traditional Landowner Elder of the Bindal Clan. He is determined to deter his people from prison, using his rebellious and unhealthy past as motivation.


Uncle Alfred Men's Group (UAMG) is a not-for-profit men's group coordinated by Uncle Alfred Smallwood. It was established in 2012 on the Church of Christ Care Vincent Campus, Townsville (prior to this UAMG was located in Alfred’s carport). Uncle Alfred Men's Group is a volunteer service for young adults caught up in the justice system and who are trying to re-engage with community, culture, family and country. There is a focus on cultural mentoring, taking responsibility for yourself, your country and your family.


Breaking the cycle of re-offending.


To encourage friendship and mentoring, to use Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Bush craft to express their experiences that lead to their healing/rehabilition.

24 hour volunteer service, Aboriginal men dealing with Aboriginal issues in a culturally acceptable way.

Dealing with and helping people going through probation.


Alfred shares his knowledge and experiences, it has such an impact that while attending, there has only been 1 re-offending that leads to jail time. Alfred refers to the three Cs: Culture, Control, Choice in his training programs that take place every Tuesday evening; understanding Culture, Control, Choice to pass on knowledge and wisdom to those that need to respect themselves, others and their surroundings. The three Ls are also used – Look, Learn, Listen.

Target Group

Young male adults. Breaking the routine of crime, addiction, domestic violence.


Approx. 100 men use this service weekly and the passing on of knowledge and wisdom that encourages self-esteem and empowers the men. Respect yourself and everyone and everything around you.

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