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  •   Music encourages linking ideas & experiences to music.
  •   Music is used as a release of built up anger and hurt.
  •   It relaxes and encourages the imagination.

Spear of Destiny

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‘Spear of Destiny' was written, recorded and shot in just four days in Townsville, as part of the Song Nation 2013 storytelling tour of Australia.

Strength In My Soul

This sonng is the second project in two years with Uncle Alfred's Group, and was created as a collaboration with a local Indigenous Rangers Group.

The story is about the conservation and protection of country - specifically the sea turtle. These ancient creatures were traditionally a local food source. Due to unsustainable commercial fishing they are now endangered, and Uncle Alfred is teaching his group how to care for them and protect them for the future.

  •   Sharing, collaborating and building relationships.
  •   Promoting social integration.

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